Quality Fishing in Town

I’ve been blessed to live in Pagosa Springs for over 4 years now. I was not a fly fisherman when I moved here but I did own a fly rod. I’m still not sure that I can call myself a fly fisherman yet, but I’m up to 4 rods and most times when I go out now I catch fish. Workingat Galles Properties with Stan Zuege has helped immensely, although the only time I got skunked last year was out fishing one of his sweet spots!



This summer I had the pleasure of helping release fish in Pagosa Springs on several occasions for the Pagosa Quality fishing project. Bruno from Ski and Bow Rack has been doing a great job with it and enlisting the help of kids and adults in town. We placed fish in the river 3 times this summer, and most of them were very big fish. I’m sure that many locals and visitors alike caught fish of a lifetime this summer as a direct result of the work and money put into this project.

Until this summer, nearly all of my fly fishing took place up on small secluded mountain streams, but stocking the fish here made me want to spend some time on the river in town and I’m glad that I did. It gave me a great opportunity to catch and release nice fish, meet great people and find one more reason to love living here.

Mike Knapp

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