How To Choose A Pagosa Springs Realtor®

Galles Properties Realtors

Are you wondering how to choose a Pagosa Springs Realtor®?  One of the many very special things about Pagosa Springs is its strong real estate community.  Pagosa Springs Realtors® are innovators, marketers and professional business owners. They are highly educated, as Colorado Real Estate Commission requirements are some of the most stringent in the country, and they are extremely well-versed in technology and marketing.

We remain in awe by the professionalism and strong work ethic of the majority of Realtors® in our community.  Yes, these Pagosa Springs Realtors® do represent our competition – but they are also our business associates and friends.  And we work together every single day within this community of Pagosa Springs real estate Brokers to market and sell properties.

So with so many strong choices available to you, how do you choose a Realtor® to sell your property? Frankly – this is one of the most personal, important business decisions you will make. Where to start?

  1. Take an online snapshot. Begin your search online by viewing bio pages of Realtors® in the area. View their online listings and their marketing materials. This will give you a real insight as to their marketing program and whether it will fit with your real estate needs.
  2. Narrow the field. Compile a list of 3-4 Realtors® who you think you would like to interview based on their online representation and perhaps referrals you may have from friends or associates.
  3. Conduct Interviews.  Ask each of your choices to make a listing presentation to you. Compile your list of questions before the presentation and ask them to give you their marketing proposal for your property.
  4. Make Your Choice.  There are real questions to ask to qualify your choices:
    • Is the Realtor® full time and local with market knowledge?
    • Does the Realtor® have a track record working with properties in your price range?
    • Is the Realtor® supported by a strong, established full-service Brokerage firm to provide services to you throughout the transaction process?
    • Can the Realtor® provide testimonials/references from other Clients?

You have so many great choices available to you when choosing a Realtor® to sell your Pagosa Springs property. Selling your property can be an exciting, challenging venture – and choosing the right partner to be by your side is one of the most important decisions you can make.

We wish you all the best in your real estate endeavours and hope you will contact one of our Galles Properties Realtors® if you are considering selling your property. We would love to provide you with a market analysis and listing proposal for your property.